4th of July off the shoulder ROMPER!


Okay, who else is dying in this heat? Because I know I sure am!

With that being said, it’s OFFICIALLY summer. So what’s easier to just throw on and go other than a romper? They are my go-to & we are so ready to share this one with you, just in time for the 4th of July!


What you will need:

This ITY print

 Cynthia Rowley Pattern 8124


You can even jazz it up with this necklace!


For measurements, reference the back of the pattern:

romper 3

We also highly recommend these fabrics for this cozy romper:

In order: Shibori Bamboo Knit in RedShibori Bamboo Knit in Indigo, Robin Crepe, Pebble Crepe, Andrea Eyelet Liberty of London Anderson


Here you will find a video that walks you through the whole process of creating this garment (hope the music puts you in the summer mood!) If you are a beginner, don’t worry, we have provided a simple walk through! If you are more advanced, we have accommodated you through the use of using your serger!

We want to see your final product!!! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #MLEVINECREATION for a chance to win some goodies!!

Fourth of July Home Dec/ Beach Pillow

Hi Everyone!!

I am so excited to share with you our first tutorial VIDEO for you guys to follow along with. Soon, you will be able to purchase everything needed for these videos in a simple kit, but until then, ill be linking up everything that we used.

We started with this AMAZING pillow, I personally can’t wait to throw it on my towel at the beach and snuggle up and tan with it! But you can definitely use it as a home dec/lounge chair pillow as well!

pillow.jpgHere is what you will need to complete this project:

Pillow form We are using a 20″x 20″

Silver City Stripe Fabric We used 1yrd of this

Pompoms We used 6.5 yards

We also highly recommend these fabrics for this pillow:

Serape Stripe & Sunbrella Astoria Stripe

In this video we will walk you through all the steps to creating this gem! We hope you enjoy the beach vibes music and cannot wait to see what you create!!!

We want to see your final product!!! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #MLEVINECREATION for a chance to win some goodies!!

We’re finally here!

I am so excited that we finally made it to Hawaii. The last six months have been extremely busy both professionally and personally and I am so ready for a break.

For those who have been following, you know the first time we tried to get here it didn’t go so well, but that is all behind us now. As I look out from my balcony I have forgotten all about that. I am ready to soak in my seven days of ocean, sand, and air. While we really don’t have much planned, I can’t wait to explore Kauai. It is the only island I have not been to and I can’t wait to see why it is called the “garden island”. I will most definitly post a few pitures later in the week.

Before I show you the two adorable dresses Robin made I have to give you a little backstory…

Since my oldest was about 2 old we have gone to Hawaii every year.

Pool 2

That is until I had my youngest, and after we took her twice, 9 weeks and 13 months, we realized she was not as easy as the other two.



We have not traveled there, or anywhere else on an airplane, in almost 5 years. Before Sarah, we had been to all the islands except Kauai. I can’t really pin point what it is, but I love it there. I love the quiet single lane highway of the Big Island, I loved seeing the volcano at dawn on Maui, I loved visiting friends and going to Pearl Harbor on Ouahu, and I loved the romantic surprise birthday trip to Lanai.

IMG_4714 IMG_3180 IMG_4774

Everytime I go I feel relaxed and at peace. When we went the very first time, Sydney, the oldest, was around two years old. She was fascinated with the hula dancer that danced nightly in the hotel lounge area. She would ask to go every night and just sit there for over an hour watching her dance. Sydney was a very early talker, and when we returned from that first trip she started asking to learn how to dance the hula. We of course thought this was a passing phase and pretty much ignored her. The next year we went back and it was the same thing. Every night we had to watch the dancer. Sydney was just captivated by the music and her dancing. She was still asking to dance and now slept with Hawaiian music playing in her room. Finally, when she was almost 3, we realized this was not going to end and we started looking for Hula in Los Angeles. I figured this would be non existent and that would be the end of it. I was wrong. My husband found a hula school only 10 minutes from our house. I have to say I was pretty surprised. We both agreed it couldn’t hurt to let her try it. While Sydney wouldn’t dance at first, she loved to go and watch. She picked up the chanting immediately and would walk around the house singing and chanting. The Kumu hula, the head, Keali’i Ceballos, assured me it was fine that she didn’t want to dance. As long as she wanted to come he said to bring her. He suggested she watch and that the few moms in the class, who had young children, should get up and dance. That the children would dance along side us after a while. He turned out to be right. Pretty soon she was dancing. What I didn’t expect to happen was that I too would really enjoy it. I loved the music, learnig the stories, and the Ohana (family), I was dancing with. Sydney continued in the Keiki (children) class, and I moved to the adult class along with three other moms.

IMG_3020 IMG_1191 IMG_3018

Sydney and I both danced for years. I even competed once in Florida. I only stopped dancing when I was 8 months pregnant with Sarah and was litterally falling over as I danced. Once I had a third child I just couldn’t find the time to get back. I still hope to get back one day. Sydney stopped dancing when she was 10 years old. Her gymnastics was becoming increasingly demanding and she just couldn’t do both any more. We still go every year to see their Hoike. This is a beautiful performance of hula and story telling that both Sydney & I both took part in for years. If you ever get a chance to see Hula Halau o Keali’i o Nalani dance make sure you do. They are just wonderful. All three of my kids still listen to Hawaiian music at night and I will always be grateful for the ohana I gained from hula. The culture is so warm, the stories run so deep, and the respect for their elder and community is amazing.

Okay, back to the fabric. When I saw the new batik coming in it made me think about my summer travels. I immediately thought Sarah would look so cute in a batik dress when we’re in Hawaii. While I know batik didn’t originate in Hawaii, seeing it reminds me of the islands. Though Batik may have originted in Indonesia, it is very prevalent in Hawaiian apparel and home decorating. It is used in sarongs, tops, and dresses, as well as for mens Hawaiian shirts. You will also see beautiful batik pillows and quilts in Hawaii, as well as on the main land. There are so many great choices it was hard to pick just a few.

s_hawaiian_shirt_snowflakes_on_blue_batik_beedb45c images-1 batik quilt Unknown

If you’re curious about the roots of Batik and how it is made you can read more about it here and here.

Here is the fabric and pattern Robin used.

batik pattern

Batik fabric for childrens dress

Here are a few pics as it went together….

IMG_2227 IMG_2231 IMG_2233 IMG_2237 Pinning the pleats to attach to the bodice

IMG_2224 IMG_2223







Sarah loves her new dresses, as you can see. Perfect for fun in the sun. Well the roosters are calling so I’m off.


Here comes the pop of color….

photo copy 12

All I can say is I love it! Fabric is like the icing on the cake. The eat-in area in the kitchen is pretty, but these pillows just added that pop of color and fun that I was looking for. I have been going back & forth for weeks trying to decide which fabric combinations to use. If you walked into my house over the last 2 to 3 months there were always different fabric samples sitting on this table. I have to live with the print for a few days, see it in different lights, and get a few opinions on it. Usually after a few days of looking at it in the space I just know. Unfortunately, for the last month I kept rejecting my choices. Nothing felt right until last week.  I brought home this turquoise starfish fabric home and it coordinated well with the main inspiration fabric, which will be across the room, as well as the red geometric print I already knew I wanted to use.

Here are a few pictures of Robin making the pillows. We ended up making four of the turquoise pillows in size 24″ and three of the red pillows in 22″. I wanted to hit he lip of the window and also wanted some height difference in the two pillows. Since the red is such a strong color we decide to make those the smaller ones. Robin and I agreed if we made the reds the larger ones they would over power the turquoise one. Also since I already have red chairs and bar stool (not visible in the picture) I wanted the turquoise pop.

Here are the supplies you will need. Everything can be found online.


Interfacing going on the pillow fabric

photo copy 2

Attaching the handmade piping. Click here for the cord that goes inside the piping.

photo copy

To help attach zipper, use sew through double sided tape to hold zipper in place.

photo copy 3

When working with a fabric that has a distinct print, it is really important to center it so you like the final outcome.

photo copy 11

Cutting the back side. Make sure to find the grain or straight edge.photo copy 5

If you don’t have a wilting foot, you can use the zipper foot and move the needle to the edge.

photo copy 7

This is a new product. It’s a size 6 invisible zipper  by the yard. They are great for home dec projects.

photo copy 9

Lastly get your pillow forms and stuff your pillows. To make the corners nice and full take a bit of loose pillow stuffing and put it into the corners. This will fill the out nicely. Beautiful pillows that really have that wow factor!
pillow crop

This project really reminded me that just adding a few decorative pillows can really change up a typical room for not a lot of money. Hopefully you will be inspired to make a few yourself.


Regina & Robin

Time for a new swim bag…

My youngest’s swim/summer bag has seen better days and it’s time for a new one, and quick! Since there are three kids in my family they all have to be responsible for their own stuff. Besides the fact that I just don’t have enough hands to carry everyone’s stuff, I believe in teaching responsibility early on. While carrying your own towel, goggles, and swim rocket my not seem like a big deal, let me tell you the first time one of them doesn’t have what they need they learn really quick not to leave their bag on the counter. Therefore, when one six-year old’s bag is falling apart, she is not a happy camper. There is no way she wants to carry all her stuff in her arms. She needs her stuff all together, easy to carry, and ready for action!

Here is a super quick pattern that Robin whipped up. You can use any cotton print that will personalize it to your child. Sarah just finished her first year in Little League, so this print is right up her alley.

We used Simplicity 1602. All you need 5/8 yards of a cotton print, 5/8 yards of a coordinating rip stop, and 3 yards of a drawstring cord.

photo copy 40

Ironing on some fusible interfacing to add some “hand” and body to the fabric.
photo copy 39

Laying out the pattern.

photo copy 38

Same for the lining.
photo copy 37

Marking the drawstring line.

photo copy 36

Sewing the side seam.

photo copy 35

Drawstring pulled through.

photo copy 34

Drawstring pinned to the bottom of the pack. This is what makes the backpack straps.

photo copy 33

Finished product. One very happy six-year-old ready for a swim day!

photo copy 30Enjoy!

One dress done…

Hi there,

So the first dress is done. Well, really the second dress…keep reading and you will understand what I mean.  I have to share with you that this was not as quick of a project as I expected. Robin, the new addition to our blogging team, had to sew this dress twice. Yes, twice. We’re going to call it a “learning experience”. I picked out the fabric from one of my warehouse walk throughs. I loved the colors and the softness of the knit. It had not hit the floor yet, so I grabbed a roll for our online store and a piece for Robin to make a dress from. After looking at a few patterns, we decide on Simplicity 1804 . We felt this one was simple and versatile and would be flattering to many body types. The twist really helps define the smallest part of your body. Before I show you the final dress, I’m going to show you the first one Robin made.

photo copy 32

photo copy 31

As soon as it came together Robin realized the fabric did not line up right in the front and that the seam there was just not flattering.  After I tried it on a few times, we decided to make it again but the second time Robin knew she would have to tweaked the pattern a bit. First, she adjusted the center front seam piece of the pattern to go on the fold which got rid of the seam right between my boobs. Really, who wants that?! Lol.


Here she is placing it on the fabric…


We also felt the neckline was too low. Here she is making the adjustment to the neckline…


The last tweak was adding length to the bodice. The pattern called for the twist to be right below the breasts. Besides the fact that I have a long torso, it just felt too high to us so she dropped it down a bit. From looking at the finished dress you can see it is still pretty high. It really wouldn’t have worked on my torso the way the pattern called for.


Next she ironed the interfacing onto the fabric before she cut the pattern out.  Doing this helps prevent any possible shrinkage to pattern piece.

photo copy 34

Lastly she had to make some adjustments as she was pinning to make sure everything lined up and then it was onto sewing.

photo copy 35

We decided to make the second dress shorter. Personally I like a little leg and I just thought it would be nice for our readers to see it both ways.

So here is the finished dress. I wore it to work today and had so many compliments. It is always fun, even for our employees, to see the fabric come to life.

photo copy 33

I really like the style and comfort of this dress, as it’s perfect for work or going out to lunch on a weekend. Just be prepared you may have to tweak the pattern a bit to fit your individual body. Thank goodness Robin has a great eye and could make it work.

Any questions, please let us know.

Thanks & enjoy!

Regina & Robin


Here are a few pics of the dress & romper that we’re working on. Both these fabrics are brand new and caught my eye as I was doing one of my weekly “walk-throughs” through the warehouse. Both projects are well under way & should be done by the end of this week.

Pattern: Simplicity 1804 (ML244255)
Fabric: ML244085
Supplies: Scissors or rotary cutter, tape measure, elasticpins, wonder tape, fusible tricot (ML244260)Image

Since the salvage rolled, it had to be trimmed off.Image

The proper needles make all the difference.Image

Don’t forget to iron the pattern before you put it on the fabric. This will make the pattern easier to work with. Image

Tricot knit fusible interfacing & elasticphoto copy 18

Pinning bodice to skirt.photo copy 9

Pinning interfacing to neckline.photo copy 10

Pattern: Marcy Tilton V8813
Fabric: ML243985 (cut  yards for a size 6)
Supplies: Scissors or rotary cutter, tape measure, pins


Measure the grain line to salvage to make sure it is straight.


Again, iron the pattern to make sure it lays flat on the fabric.


By the end of the week we will have the finished product ready.