Time for a few new dresses…

So you would think since I work at this amazing fabric store that I sew clothes for myself. That is not the case.  I have worked at Michael Levine’s for over 10 years, and while I did learn to sew, read patterns and even knit, right now sewing is not something I do for myself. I have made a few burp clothes and blankets and even knitted a handful of scarfs, but with three kids and a full time job, I just can’t squeeze it in. I do love fashion and home decorating so, like many of you, I am always walking through both stores saying what I want to make with our fabrics. Usually I hold onto the thought for a day or two and then move on. Last month, while walking through the warehouse, I came across two fabrics that really jumped out at me. I really wanted a dress from both of them and have been thinking about how to make that happen for a few weeks now. Yesterday, as I was driving (that is where I do my best thinking, especially if the kids aren’t in the car), I had a brillant idea. I realized I could kill two birds with one stone. I could make a dress and blog about it and after I could wear them. Yes, see, I am amazing at muti tasking! LOL! I decided to enlist Robin, one of our employees who in a avid sewer. This morning, I wasted no time and went to her to propose my plan. She jumped onboard instantly. She will now be joining me on this and similar projects, as we continue to grow our blog. Next,  I went to the warehouse and pulled the fabric. They are both new knits and will be online next week.


I talked to Robin about the look I wanted and we found a few patterns that would work.



After a few minutes, we narrowed it down to these two.


The floral will be perfect for the long daytime look in Simplicity 1804. Robin may need to adjust the neckline, as it looks a bit low. The stripe knit, which has two usable sides (one side  is a stripe (shown above) and the other a solid grey) will be great for this funky romper dress, Marcy Tilton, V8813. The under layer will be the solid and the over pocket layer will be the stripe.


Both are casual, but I can still go out to dinner on a wekend and look nice. Just what I am looking for.

Next week I will post an update. Hopefully they will be done soon. I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Time for a few new dresses…

  1. Wow! Can hardly wait to see the finished dress especially since I have the same Simplicity pattern & a pile of striped knits in my stash! I will be copying you soon — I’m good at copying ☺

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