4th of July off the shoulder ROMPER!


Okay, who else is dying in this heat? Because I know I sure am!

With that being said, it’s OFFICIALLY summer. So what’s easier to just throw on and go other than a romper? They are my go-to & we are so ready to share this one with you, just in time for the 4th of July!


What you will need:

This ITY print

 Cynthia Rowley Pattern 8124


You can even jazz it up with this necklace!


For measurements, reference the back of the pattern:

romper 3

We also highly recommend these fabrics for this cozy romper:

In order: Shibori Bamboo Knit in RedShibori Bamboo Knit in Indigo, Robin Crepe, Pebble Crepe, Andrea Eyelet Liberty of London Anderson


Here you will find a video that walks you through the whole process of creating this garment (hope the music puts you in the summer mood!) If you are a beginner, don’t worry, we have provided a simple walk through! If you are more advanced, we have accommodated you through the use of using your serger!

We want to see your final product!!! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #MLEVINECREATION for a chance to win some goodies!!

LowPriceFabric.com’s May Sales Calendar

Just a quick post to inform all of our blog followers about our monthly online sales calendar for May!!! Discounts on sequins, polyester shantung, bridal satin and rosettes, lining, Chinese brocade, batiks, Christmas cotton prints, and polyester charmeuse are on the horizon… Click on the image to visit our online store!

New Arrival: Our New Arrivals Section is Finally Here!

We’re ready to shine some light on our New Arrivals section! It’s been a long time coming, and now it’s much easier for you to keep abreast of the new products we’re adding weekly. With twelve rotating slots, as new products come in the older ones will be bumped out. Not only are we showing new products, but new categories as well. And as a token of our appreciation for all our blog followers, you can use the coupon code “BLOGFOL” now through Sunday to receive 10% OFF any purchase from our New Arrivals Section! Just a few of our New Arrivals that certainly deserve a mention here:

In conjunction with the recent film release, Dr. Seuss’ Lorax fabric collection from Robert Kauffman is perfectly in tune with the film’s message in a 100% Organic woven cotton. With a number of coordinating prints, the Lorax can easily become an eco-friendly part of your own or a child’s environment!

In addition to great new fabrics, we’ve now got a dedicated section for purse hardware, findings, and accessories. Anyone with a fondness for bag making knows how difficult it can be to find the perfect materials to realize your designs! We proudly unveil a diverse array of handles, straps, buckles, hooks, feet, frames, and more, for all your hand-bag or purse making needs!

We’ve also just added twelve colors of a brand new polyester shantung, which is a staple spring bridal fabric with two usable sides, each with their own unique texture and allure. If you’re planning a spring wedding or event and need a low-cost, yet eye catching alternative to silk shantung, either for dress-making or event decor, the polyester shantung is a great option with its timeless charm! Great for prom, formal attire, bridesmaids’, or Easter dresses also!
So don’t forget to check out our New Arrivals section periodically; it’s a simple way to learn about the latest additions to this relatively new website that we are constantly expanding! Thanks for reading!

The Loft, our across-the-street annex where fabric remnants are just $2.50 per pound!

Many frequenters of Michael Levine’s aren’t aware that we have a fabric-by-the-pound store right across the street from our main store, and above our home decor store. In the Loft, you will find boxes and boxes of orphaned fabrics that aren’t on rolls or boards; they are simply left overs from job lots or other sources, and we bring them here to liquidate. At the Loft, all fabrics are $2.50 per pound, with a minimum purchase of one pound. This on average equates to costing much less than $2.00 a yard!
The Loft boasts high-ceilings, a big open feel, and afternoon sunlight streaming in through its many windows. Fans are blowing, and boxes upon boxes of mixed fabrics invite you to have a dig through. A little time and patience, and a discerning eye, is all one needs to score big at the Loft. Your finds are simply taken to the scales near the Loft’s main entrance, weighed, and charged at just $2.50 per pound.
This past Sunday, I was lucky to meet one of the Loft’s devoted fans, Kim, from Los Angeles, who had nothing but great things to say about the Loft. “I can ALWAYS find at least one piece of something amazing on any given visit. And Michael is EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT,” she says of our friendly staff member, who heads and manages the Loft’s daily operations. “He remembers the things I’ve picked up in the past, and always has recommendations for me based upon those.” The dress that Kim is pictured in below is “entirely Loft, straight down to the trim!” she exclaimed.That’s right, you can find trims here also…
…as well as large thread cones for $1.00 each!
And larger fabric remnants are folded and hung on racks:Or they might be rolled and stored on shelving at the rear of the store:
Either way, you’re sure to score on your next visit, because every day is a good deal day at the Loft! Be our guest, the Loft is inviting you!

80/20 split

So 80% of the time I’m an employyee here at Michael Levine, but 20% of the time I am a shopper, crafter, and have even tried my hand at knitting. Before coming to work here I never would have called myself crafty, but being around all these amazing products day after day I found myself wanting to try my hand at a few things. The first thing I remember making were some really cute place mats out of oil cloth. No sewing required so it was a perfect first project for me. All I needed was pinking shears and the fabric. They turned out so cute and added a punch of color to my table. Once I had a baby around I found my focus shifted to baby items. Baby bibs, baby burp cloths, and baby blankets took me through the next few years. All my friends were so impressed when a one-of-a-kind baby bib or birp cloth was pulled out of my diaper bag. And a few years ago we brought yarn into the store. I love the look of the yarn and just had to give it a go. I will have to pull out the ones I did and post the pics. While I loved the results, I have to admit with 3 little kids and my low level of patience I didn’t make that many items. I do have a few great winter scarves and love wearing them.  We have recently got in these collars, some are plane, while some have more embellishing. I was going through my many fashion magazines and saw all these t-shirts with embellished neckline. My radar went up and I thought I can do this. For a few dollars and a nice Michael Star T-shirt I had mysel a really cute, not so everyday T-shirt. Here are a few pics of my personal projects that I really thought were simple and that I really use and wear…

Here is one of my latest projects. I have been into making jewlery. I made this great vintage feeling necklace awhile ago, and still love wearing it. It was so simple. We have chain here and of course a hugh selection of buttons. These are rhinestone balls that hang just perfect.

One day when I was working in the button department I met this shopper who had this amazing necklace on, one that would be perfect fot the “Black & Bling” party I was invited to. When I asked her about it & took a closer look I realized it was all buttons. She had just bought it a one of the big department stores. Again I thought I can make this for 1/2 the price. While we didn’t carry the exact button her necklace contained I found something similar that I liked. I love this necklace. While I use it as a special occasion piece I get compliments everytime I wear it.

I hope you feel inspired to try something new. While we may not still carry the exact products show in these pictures, we have so many newer, great options. Remember, even if your a novice like me, have fun and give it a go!

A day in the life… from arrival to departure at Michael Levine

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a roll of cloth at Michael Levine’s? Well here’s a behind the scenes view of our operations!
Nearly every day, shipments of new fabrics arrive by truckloads at our warehouse, located right next door to the main store.

New items are unloaded and checked in by warehouse staff:

Some fabrics, as shown above, arrive on a double-fold board. But others, shown below, need to be converted by warehouse staff from large heavy rolls to a more easily-handled, double fold board.

The fabrics are then stickered with prices and other unique information used to track inventory and costs.

Some fabrics are then moved on carts to one of three floors of our expansive warehouse, and down a specific aisle, to a specific shelf.
Fabrics are organized by the category and department of our store to which they belong, and then further organized and stacked by color and price.
The warehouse is a great place to visit when a customer can’t find what they need in store, or if they need a larger quantity than what’s on display. One of our staff will certainly be happy to bring you here if need be!

New fabrics that have not been previously stocked will await a different cart ride, which will take them over to our main store or home decoration store.  There, they will make their debut as new items:

Upon arrival at our stores, one of our floor clerks will take the new materials to the appropriate shelf, making sure that price labels are attached and that the rolls are not too heavy to handle. The fabrics are now available for sale!

The last step before a material becomes a project is when it gets cut. Yardage is measured and cut at one of five tables and written up on a ticket for sale. This is where customers interact with our friendly staff and exchange ideas and sewing tips with one another.
We hope that next time you visit our stores or website, www.LowPriceFabric.com, you’ll take a closer look and enjoy knowing what goes into the daily operations of Michael Levine! Oh…and if you’re wondering what happens to those last little end pieces when we finish a roll of fabric, be sure to read the next blog entry about our discounted remnant shop, the Loft!


Welcome to the official blog of Michael Levine’s, the largest fabric store in downtown Los Angeles! We’re REALLY excited to be launching our official blog in conjunction with our new website, www.lowpricefabric.com! Our blog will be a great place for us to interact and share ideas, projects, and inspiration. We’ll also be giving you a sneak peek of new fabrics coming into the store and hitting the website. We plan to feature seasonal projects and ideas and are certainly open to your suggestions! We can’t wait to meet our followers and get to know you as you get to know us!

Welcome to Suite 200… Behind the scenes at http://www.LowPriceFabric.com!