Fourth of July Home Dec/ Beach Pillow

Hi Everyone!!

I am so excited to share with you our first tutorial VIDEO for you guys to follow along with. Soon, you will be able to purchase everything needed for these videos in a simple kit, but until then, ill be linking up everything that we used.

We started with this AMAZING pillow, I personally can’t wait to throw it on my towel at the beach and snuggle up and tan with it! But you can definitely use it as a home dec/lounge chair pillow as well!

pillow.jpgHere is what you will need to complete this project:

Pillow form We are using a 20″x 20″

Silver City Stripe Fabric We used 1yrd of this

Pompoms We used 6.5 yards

We also highly recommend these fabrics for this pillow:

Serape Stripe & Sunbrella Astoria Stripe

In this video we will walk you through all the steps to creating this gem! We hope you enjoy the beach vibes music and cannot wait to see what you create!!!

We want to see your final product!!! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #MLEVINECREATION for a chance to win some goodies!!

Friday Warehouse walk… Just in and so excited!

Friday Warehouse walk...Just in and so excited!

Just in from Robert Kaufman, Hello Tokyo, is a new collection from designer Lisa Tilse. We have been waiting for this collection to hit the warehouse and today it finally did. I know you’re going to love it as much as we do. The prints are perfect for apparel, home décor, crafts, and more. The buttons and appliques make this collection even more versatile. Check out our post from last week and see the tuffet we made that would be perfect in this fabric.

Click here to see the free downloads from Robert Kaufman…

Click here to download the free  pillow pattern from Robert Kaufman.

Click here to download the free zipper pouch pattern from Robert Kaufman.

Click here to download the free softie pattern from Robert Kaufman.

The collection will be on the sales floor tomorrow and online next week.


Here comes the pop of color….

photo copy 12

All I can say is I love it! Fabric is like the icing on the cake. The eat-in area in the kitchen is pretty, but these pillows just added that pop of color and fun that I was looking for. I have been going back & forth for weeks trying to decide which fabric combinations to use. If you walked into my house over the last 2 to 3 months there were always different fabric samples sitting on this table. I have to live with the print for a few days, see it in different lights, and get a few opinions on it. Usually after a few days of looking at it in the space I just know. Unfortunately, for the last month I kept rejecting my choices. Nothing felt right until last week.  I brought home this turquoise starfish fabric home and it coordinated well with the main inspiration fabric, which will be across the room, as well as the red geometric print I already knew I wanted to use.

Here are a few pictures of Robin making the pillows. We ended up making four of the turquoise pillows in size 24″ and three of the red pillows in 22″. I wanted to hit he lip of the window and also wanted some height difference in the two pillows. Since the red is such a strong color we decide to make those the smaller ones. Robin and I agreed if we made the reds the larger ones they would over power the turquoise one. Also since I already have red chairs and bar stool (not visible in the picture) I wanted the turquoise pop.

Here are the supplies you will need. Everything can be found online.


Interfacing going on the pillow fabric

photo copy 2

Attaching the handmade piping. Click here for the cord that goes inside the piping.

photo copy

To help attach zipper, use sew through double sided tape to hold zipper in place.

photo copy 3

When working with a fabric that has a distinct print, it is really important to center it so you like the final outcome.

photo copy 11

Cutting the back side. Make sure to find the grain or straight copy 5

If you don’t have a wilting foot, you can use the zipper foot and move the needle to the edge.

photo copy 7

This is a new product. It’s a size 6 invisible zipper  by the yard. They are great for home dec projects.

photo copy 9

Lastly get your pillow forms and stuff your pillows. To make the corners nice and full take a bit of loose pillow stuffing and put it into the corners. This will fill the out nicely. Beautiful pillows that really have that wow factor!
pillow crop

This project really reminded me that just adding a few decorative pillows can really change up a typical room for not a lot of money. Hopefully you will be inspired to make a few yourself.


Regina & Robin