Need Feedback :)

Hey everyone,

I need YOUR input!!

Im new over here at Michael Levine and want to really connect with you guys in new ways.

One way I am thinking is offering DIY kits for purchase on our site. That being said, whenever we do a tutorial for something, we would offer all the contents needed in one kit, just for you!

For example, this cheetah print DIY that I have planned for you guys this week, if a kit were put together for you to reproduce it, would you be interested in purchasing it?!

LET ME KNOW! I would love to get involved with your input in any way, shape or form!



9 thoughts on “Need Feedback :)

  1. I would love that, Jackie! Great idea!
    Glad to have such a thoughtful person as a member of the Michael Levine Team!

  2. That’s a great idea! There’s nothing like sitting down to start a project and realizing you for the thread or the zipper.

  3. I can go either way. A kit can be great if the price is right and i don’t have the components on hand. However, after many years of sewing I have quite the stash 🙂 So depending on the kit if there were items I already had, I would prefer to use what I have.

  4. More often than not, I’d rather just get the pattern. I have a lot of fabric, thread, notions, etc I’ve hoarded over the years so I’m usually looking for a pattern to use with what I have on-hand. If the fabric is to die for, I’d buy the kit, though.

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