Echino is online….

Echino logo

We’ve had Echino in the retail store for awhile now, but I was so happy when I heard I was getting stock and able to put it online. It’s beautiful, modern, and fun. Echino is a line of fabrics designed by Etsuko Furuya. She graduated from Department of Textile Design Textile Kyoto Art College. On her website you can see more of her works, including ceramics, bags, and of course her full line of fabric.

Here are just a few of the prints we have…

5853 5872 5873 5877 5878 5881 5883Honestly it is hard for me to pick which one I like the best. The colors of the Echino are so vivid and the prints are so quirky, it really has a great range, and for me that always make a fabric appealing.

While I can imagine this fabric looking amazing in a frame on my wall (really I may be doing that this week), there are many other projects people have come up with. Here are a few…


Check out this web site for some inspiration. I love the peasant dress style. The first year it makes a lovely dress, but what I love even more is the second year, when they have a growth spurt, and the dress turns into the perfect tunic top over simple leggings.

Check out this Messenger Bag….


While the directions are in Japanese I have been told most sewers can figure it out.

Here are just a few pictures to get you inspired to buy a piece, or two, of this great fabric.

Echino Birdsong Skirt CLOSE echino-buttercup-clutch images-1

Need the purse hardware, buy it here.

images-2 images-3 images-4 images lunch_tote__insulated_lunch_bag_with_echino_glasses_in_brown_handmade_c684285e
Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 1.20.45 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 1.21.02 PM

We have both these patterns, as well as many others, that would work great for these prints. Enjoy!

Question of the Day…Michael Levine’s asks “What is Chenille?”

So we had a little confusion here last week regarding fabric descriptions and what makes a true Chenille fabric. I always thought of chenille as being that super soft and slightly velvety feeling yarn that have commonly been used to make knitted blankets and throws. Last week when we were working on uploading products to the site we came across an issue. We kept going back to these items that were initially labeled Chenille. As the day went on and we encountered a true Chenille we realized that we were dealing with two different products and so the research began.

Here is what we found…Chenille, by definition, is the French word for ‘caterpillar’.

In textile terminology, it describes a yarn or a fabric made from yarn that is fuzzy in texture or has a velvety quality. The fabric piles used to create chenille are most commonly cotton. However, chenille can also be made of other fibers as well.

So while we love true cotton Chenille what we we have uploaded to the site is this super soft Minky. It is a polyester fabric with many patterns and textures, one of them being a Chenille.

It is great for baby blankets, robes, and more. The other great thing about Minky is that you can get the look of Chenille, but it is much easier to take care of and cost 1/2 the price. Take a look at the new Minky that we just put up.