The Loft, our across-the-street annex where fabric remnants are just $2.50 per pound!

Many frequenters of Michael Levine’s aren’t aware that we have a fabric-by-the-pound store right across the street from our main store, and above our home decor store. In the Loft, you will find boxes and boxes of orphaned fabrics that aren’t on rolls or boards; they are simply left overs from job lots or other sources, and we bring them here to liquidate. At the Loft, all fabrics are $2.50 per pound, with a minimum purchase of one pound. This on average equates to costing much less than $2.00 a yard!
The Loft boasts high-ceilings, a big open feel, and afternoon sunlight streaming in through its many windows. Fans are blowing, and boxes upon boxes of mixed fabrics invite you to have a dig through. A little time and patience, and a discerning eye, is all one needs to score big at the Loft. Your finds are simply taken to the scales near the Loft’s main entrance, weighed, and charged at just $2.50 per pound.
This past Sunday, I was lucky to meet one of the Loft’s devoted fans, Kim, from Los Angeles, who had nothing but great things to say about the Loft. “I can ALWAYS find at least one piece of something amazing on any given visit. And Michael is EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT,” she says of our friendly staff member, who heads and manages the Loft’s daily operations. “He remembers the things I’ve picked up in the past, and always has recommendations for me based upon those.” The dress that Kim is pictured in below is “entirely Loft, straight down to the trim!” she exclaimed.That’s right, you can find trims here also…
…as well as large thread cones for $1.00 each!
And larger fabric remnants are folded and hung on racks:Or they might be rolled and stored on shelving at the rear of the store:
Either way, you’re sure to score on your next visit, because every day is a good deal day at the Loft! Be our guest, the Loft is inviting you!

4 thoughts on “The Loft, our across-the-street annex where fabric remnants are just $2.50 per pound!

  1. Greetings!
    Do you do mail order for your fabric by the lb.?
    For instance, if I said I only wanted 100% cottons and100% linens, a total of a certain dollar amount, could you do an order like that – naturally no returns. I’d need to accept what I got.

    • No we do not do that. I’m sure people would love it, but we do not have the staff to separate out the pound goods. You have to make a trip to Los Angeles & visit us! Thank you for your interest.

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  3. I can’t wait to visit. I will be in the Los Angeles area soon to clear out my mom’s storage. I will be on my own so I will have plenty of time to dig through the bins.

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