Completed & Tutorial: Fish Costume

Vint Hill Vintage

I’ve been secretly stitching on my son’s Halloween costume all week in preparation for my first guest post on The Train to Crazy’s Handmade Dress Up Series. Grab your favorite beverage and a comfy seat for this post. It’s a doozy.

Last year when my son asked to be a zebra for Halloween, I took on the challenge and came up with the world’s cutest costume. It’s furry, too!

zebra 1zebra 2zebra 3

This year when I asked him in August what he wanted to be, he said a ghost. I was disappointed. Anyone can cut some holes in a sheet. I wanted to do some real sewing. Two weeks later, he had changed his mind. He wanted to be a green fish. After asking him several more times, his mind was set. A green fish it is.

I brainstormed for weeks and Googled fish costume images for hours. I settled on using his…

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