Covered with the Word: Baby Quilt Pt II

Great quilt. The colors are so warm and it just screams love.

Gila ati Amour WP

So yesterday, I told you all about the lovely way my dear friend asked me to be her daughter’s Godmother. When I say it is an honour it really is, because a Godparent is someone you deem fit to feature heavily in the life of your child and also be a spiritual influence. This is a great couple surrounded by wonderful people (like attracts like) and they don’t do things rashly so I know they thought well about it.

But yes o – cue more dancing and skipping. Everybody with functioning ears knew my Godbaby, henceforth referred to as Pink Bear, was on her way lol. To welcome her to Planet Earth and let her know that I love her very much already, and God loves her way more, I decided to make her a baby quilt with scripture.

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