One pattern, two fabrics…

I feel like I have been talking about these rompers for a while.  Sorry it has taken us so long to post this blog.  We’re in the process of making changes to the site, as well as adding shelving for our growing inventory. Both exciting changes, but time-consuming!  Without future ado, here are both the rompers….

Both rompers were made from McCall’s M6083. The first romper Robin put together is made from a stretch denim. It has a casual look and is great for day. Since we used a dark denim, with a little bling, this could go from day to evening very easily. Here are a few pictures as it went together.


Getting started!


Pinning the two pocket pieces together.


The pockets assembled.


Contrasting stitching adds a little fun to this simple and classic look.


Serging the elastic on before you roll the fabric over.


Folded over and stitched.


Added top stitching

photo copy 7

A little styling for the front entry.

photo copy 6

Contrasting stitch color on the shorts.

photo copy 4

Here is the finished project. It ended up going right to the front mannequin. Perfect summer piece.

For the second romper we choose a beautiful silk zebra print. The champaign color of the background gives this
animal print a sophisticated feel. I absolutely love it! When I do get to Hawaii this will be great for a night out.

Here are a few pics as this one went together.


Putting the front & back bottom crotch together


Putting the front & back bottom together


Pinning the pockets


Finishing the top.

photo copy 3

This is a great piece. It can be dressed up or down. I didn’t have time to accessorize my model, but just the little gold belt and heels are a good start.

This could be made with any of our silks or printed charmuese.

While I really like the romper both ways, this pattern needed some adjusting. We made a size 8 and had to lengthen the top portion to fit my bodice and go up one size in the bottom for my hips. Just a bit of advice so you don’t learn the hard way, like we did.  Always better to think about these sort of issues before you cut into your fabric. If you’re built like I am you may want to make one size top and another size bottom.

Thanks for stopping by.


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