Fabric Shopping Weekend Recap and a Giveaway!

I’m so sad I missed you. Next time you come please drop me a note first. We love to meet our shoppers in person. Makes this crazy internet world seem more real.

you and mie

You guys.  I’m. so. tired.  I feel like all the end-of-the-school-year craziness + pregnancy are really catching up to me.  I’m having trouble keeping up with regular stuff and it probably doesn’t help that I keep running off to do fun things like the Fabric Shopping Weekend a few weeks ago.

Truth is, I’ve been waiting so long to post about it because I wanted to share something that I’d made with fabric I bought that weekend.  But like most things on my to do list, that hasn’t happened yet.  Don’t worry, I have grand GRAND plans for what I want to make with all of it.  You just wait 😛

Picture from Jessica Abbott

The weekend was PHENOMENAL.  Basically 20+ sewing bloggers got together from all over the country to do some fabric shopping (and socializing, of course) in Los Angeles.  Can’t really go wrong with that plan!  The…

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