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my daily bag

Since I am a purse-maker, I should always be carrying the right purse for every ocassion. Recently, I attended to party that involved mostly standing and dancing. Honestly, I rarely get out to such events, so I didn’t have the proper bag on hand for the evening. So course, I made one!

I used a pattern which, on the envelope front, looked a bit like a dowdy, travel bag.


However, I thought it would be the perfect size to put my essentials in for the evening. I made the strap thinner and used for four colors of silk that I once again got from my favorite fabric store, Michael Levine.



For a little interest, I added to button. I think I managed to find to most expensive button at Joann’s Fabrics, $10.95! (And I was one day early for my coupon. Darn!)

The dimensions are 6 1/2″ x 5″…

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