Fleece anyone…

I just have to share what I saw when I went to The Loft, our pound good store, located across the street from our retail store. Can you say fleece….

                      fleece prints                     

There is a great assortment of solid colors, as well as great prints. As you can see above there is Christmas, patriotic, camouflage, juvenile, sports, and more. Here are a few I thought may catch your eye…


And if you think that is all we have, think again. Here is the stock….

So what to do with all this fleece. I thought with the holidays coming up I would include a few links that have easy fleece projects. I love fleece blankets. For $2.50 a pound, even if the kids outgrow the theme in a few months, you won’t feel too bad. All three of my kids love when grandma makes them fleece blankets. Another super easy holiday idea is a scarf. If you’re up for a little more challenge try a fleece jacket. The cream and beige herringbone would be amazing! I included a pattern below. Many of the ideas are no sew, so there is no excuse.




So, if you live close by come in and take advantage of this great deal. I’m not sure how long it will be here, so get it while you can.


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