Easy and cute Halloween costume

What a cute and simple costume. Great use of fleece and ball fringe!

low beam studios

**This post is part of a 4 day series highlighting hand-made costumes from past Halloweens.  I hope to provide inspiration and ideas in your costume crafting endeavors.  The photos are family snapshots, but still accurately convey the costumes.  In most cases, I will provide some direction on the crafting process.

She wanted to be a dog:  I had this floppy-eared scraggly brown dog with a spot over one eye in mind.  She burst my bubble when she announced it had to be a pink dog.  Soon after, the pink poodle was born.

Her wardrobe was full of pink by her choice so I picked a few basics in the same palette and bought bunches of fleece to match.

the hat:  The hat was made in a similar fashion to these (which reminds me I wanted to make a few of these for soon to arrive babies).  I sewed strips of…

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