Love all you bloggers….

So on Friday we noticed a lot of views on our Facebook page and our blog. We also had lots of orders. I had a feeling someone else had blogged about us, but I had no idea who. Well I just found them and I want to give a big shout out to

Your blog entitled,Β Another day, a new online fabric site…was great. I’m so glad you like the rayon prints, but more important to us is the customer service and reliability that you were so pleased with. While Michael Levine, Inc. has been around forever, we,, are still relatively new to the online world. We are doing our best to get
as much of our inventory online as fast as we can, but we also want our customers to open their packages and love what they see. We want you to know that when you place an order with us we will do our very best to get it out as soon as possible…sometimes the same day,but always with in 48 hours.
I hope our views like your blog it as much as I did. Thanks again to all you bloggers out there that are spreading the word about this new “little” fabric site. We hope to be your one stop internet shop!
Happy shopping!

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